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Abalone Paua Shell,  has protective and healing qualities. It brings safety and emotional balance. It also is said to boost the immune system. The shell will capture your attention with its unique patterns.


Blue Goldstone,  is a gemstone thought to help you achieve your goals. The meaning of this stone is very deep and helps you in making sensible decisions and allows you to reach your goal constantly. It is also good to use this gem when you need to think deeply or need to have stable feelings. This beautiful bead is mesmerising in the light with the shimmering glitter effect.


Tigers Eye,  helps stabilise Mood Swings, Promotes Willpower, Purpose, Courage & Self Confidence & Releases Tension. Capturing the magic when your wrist is turned side to side.


Any bracelet made from a mixture of these unique healing beads is going to be a truly magical one. So if you're looking for something extraordinary this stunning bracelet is for you.
Every Bracelet comes with a stylish Recycled Gift Box.

Rainbow Abalone Paua Shell Oval

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