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This stunning Obsidian, Mixed Agate is so Beautiful it will definitely catch everyone's eye and you won't be able to stop looking at it. These Bracelets are so special it will be a pleasure to wear. Not only do they look absolutely Stunning with the vibrant Colour's, these Healing Stones also protects the wearer, Absorbs Negative Energies, is a Calming Stone, Allows truth and Inner Wisdom, and is a Peaceful Stone.  Stimulating the mind and relaxes emotions.  Obsidian helps also to shield against negativity, Drawing out Mental Stress & Tension. Creates a sense of Security & Safety. All stones make for a strongly protective Bracelet.

Dividing these stones are 2 x Stainless Steel Spacer Beads.


Every Bracelet comes with a stylish Recycled Gift Box.

Rainbow 8mm Obsidian & 8mm & 10mm Mixed Agate

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