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This stunning Obsidian, Fuchsia Banded Agate & Blue Chrysocolla is so Beautiful it will definitely catch everyone's eye and you won't be able to stop looking at it. These Bracelets are so special it will be a pleasure to wear. Not only do they look absolutely Stunning with the vibrant Fuchsia Colour, these Healing Stones also protects the wearer, Absorbs Negative Energies, is a Calming Stone, Allows truth and Inner Wisdom, and is a Peaceful Stone. Which work well with the Blue Chrysocolla which is known as a Calming, Peaceful Stone, Stimulating the mind and relaxes emotions.  Obsidian helps also to shield against negativity, Drawing out Mental Stress & Tension. All stones make for a strongly protective Bracelet.

Dividing these stones are 2 x Stainless Steel Spacer Beads.


Every Bracelet comes with a stylish Recycled Gift Box.

8mm Obsidian 10mm Fuchsia Agate

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